When it is hot…work at the air conditioned desk.

declare-Tshirt MitratechV2-dAs the Summer heats up being inside and working on illustrations seems to be the better idea. Houston is projected to reach 94 degrees today and the dog has already gotten a walk so it is back to the drawing board. Stay cool. Here is a t-shirt I have been illustrating for a trade-show in October. declare-Tshirt mitrateach V3There is a pattern for the fill of the crowd next the the Declare Woman. She is opposing the norm, standard, same old thing. I like the blue but here it is with the grey. The grey is a bit lighter and less dramatic. I was using a lighter idea with not using a fill on all of the men. They could be a pattern fill also.


Bridgeway Player Card Creative Marketing

Back of Team Player Cards

Back of Team Player Cards

Team Player Cards

A Legendary Team of Experts

Started on these player cards in February of 2014. It was a smart idea to get the professional services team promoted to the clients. This set was released this past Summer and again at the Bridgeway Customer Connect Live 2014 show in Nashville.

Front of Team Player Cards

Front of Team Player Cards

These professional services liaisons were speaking at different events at the conference and they signed these cards like ball players do for each attendee that found them in their session. Very fun and creative idea from the Bridgeway Software’s marketing department. So glad to have had the opportunity to work on this with them. The Wizard, The All Star, The Maven, The Fixer, Le Liaison and Aces were first created as an illustration of the person. The head of marketing then asked if they could look more fun. We then tried a more comic eye and unified all the smiles to a toothy smile. Took a little more to create the joyful look from the original illustration but I think this made for a more unified illustration.

Three of the play cards. Wizard, Liaison, and Fixer. Fun!

Three of the play cards. Wizard, Liaison, and Fixer. Fun!

Working on illustrations can be a quick or a lengthy process. This illustration took about three months with meetings and changes. The card was created in Indesign and the illustrations were in Illustrator but I also use Photoshop for some special lighting effects and textures. These characters were presented as I started the illustration. I first illustrated the employee and then we added the creative titles and comical tools. We had a few changes to the persons in the group so that took a little extra time but still got these to print on time.The employees really liked these. I love when I can bring a smile to someones face. This marketing group is fun to work with.

Bridgeway Talk Bubble

4" by 6" die cut talk bubble with Bridgeway's booth number to draw contacts to conference booth in a fun and exciting way.

4″ by 6″ die cut talk bubble with Bridgeway’s booth number to draw contacts to conference booth in a fun and exciting way.

Just worked with the marketing department at Bridgeway. They have created a great a comic book as a sales tool. They will have a comic hero to introduce the postcard to prospective clients at ACC in October. This card will be used to draw attention to the trade show booth. A very fun and smart idea. Bridgeway is doing a great job. Just glad to help with this small item.

Conference Graphics Are A Hit

The Bridgeway Software conference this year in Nashville featured my designs with BWConferenceClip2014
a “Johnny Cash” theme called Legends. I just viewed the highlight from their party at the Wild Horse Saloon. They celebrated their 25th Anniversary and did this withstyle. Many of the professional graphics and media producer were complimenting the design and multimedia. I am so honored and silly with excitement.

View the show at https://www.facebook.com/BridgewaySoftware and you may contact the artist by email at cyardemanis@gmail.com.


Bridgeway’s CustomerConnect Live 2014

Created this graphic in a vertical format for the conference. This will be displayed at the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville, Tennessee on October 8, 2014. The Wild Horse is a very fun establishment.Music-City-Legends-32004800-WildHorse They do corporate and family functions and they are also open for just a single patron. Three floors, Great Bar-B-Que, and line dancing for all. Could not two step since the floor is really used up by the line dancing. This is a 3200 by 4800 pixel image that will be displayed on one of the two large screens beside the stage surrounded by line dancers. It is great PR for your corporation or wonderful space for marketing your product.