What is Your Carbon Footprint?

I use this blog to feature my graphic design and illustration. Have been working on others things lately. Sketches and such and volunteering most for others. I have had a few trips with my marketing manager husband to desert locations like Las Vegas this December and . Arizona and California a few times in the last two years. My mind has been focused on the need to conserve our resources and what we are doing to this beautiful planet. Wanted to share this report.


I feel like taking the bull by the horns. Illustrated this for my church as we were preparing for VBS that year with Pastor Steve Seilig. His vision was to create a western town in each of the entries and really have a multilevel experience for the kids and volunteers.


Love our deserts and the beautiful landscapes that are desert. I am so against changing our landscapes since this is not a good use of our resources. Shaming those in Hollywood and most of California that create fake biospheres their property. Just the waste of keeping grass green in a desert just seems so arrogant.

My home here in Texas is a corer lot. It is a modest home in 2017 standards. My square footage is 1927. I used to think this was so small. I have so many friends with new homes of 3,000 to 4,000 square feet in gated communities. I have now seen that less is better. I have seven trees on my property thirty bushes and grass as well as perennials, tropical plants and an occasional patch of weeds. I need to be more water conscious with my landscaping. I am in Texas so I want all my water use to be responsible. I will conserve my energy usage and keep as many green oxygen creating  plants alive while living in a small carbon footprint. Keeping the bull excrement to a near zero level.


A new year


Conte sketch of two comedians that played at Spellbinder’s Comedy Club in Houston, Texas in the 1990’s. Owner, Lynn Karnes wanted a rough sketch style illustration to harmonize with the Houston map that was very popular. The microphone was part of her logo.

Have a new year ahead. Looking wonderful. Have a few design projects for SHR. Looking for many new blessings in this new year for all of my creative friends. Here is an old illustration done twenty years ago for Spellbinder’s Comedy Club. Ms. Karnes was my boss while I was in college and she gave me the opportunity to create
a corporate identity package after I graduated. Worked my way through school at her comedy club and met some famous people. One that we all know is Tim Allen. He was even funnier back then. Many other comedians came through the club but the other most remarkable star was Clint Black who at the time was performing at Shirlock’s Pub next to the club. A fellow employee was a classmate at Katy High School of Klint’s and introduced me once when he came back years later to Shirlock’s Pub. What a fun place Spellbinder’s was and what a great group of people I knew there.

Creative Ideas over tech

Hedge Dogs

College student created a food truck idea for a business class final

Started life having  fun with art. Loved when an aunt showed me how to stay in the lines with my crayola crayons. My sister would not allow me to color in her coloring book with her. I was a scribbler! My Aunt Elaine was such a blessing. She took my coloring book and found the lines I had blurred with my three year old scribbles. She beautifully colored the picture in my coloring book and made me believe in this little act of kindness that I had a second chance. Elaine was an artist. I didn’t know that at the time: I knew she cared and was kind. She would stop and notice any drawing or little sewing project I had accomplished. She often visited the family and would bring creative things for my sister and I to have fun with.

Are you creative? I just took a class that asserted that everyone is capable of creativity. I liked that idea. In school at the Art Institute and in high school, I witnessed that many artists didn’t give enough time to the art they created. Others had taken too much and their work was stressed. An art instructor in high school pointed my obsessiveness out during my senior project. He took my brush from my hand as I began to overwork a good painting. He

I love water color. I love to illustrate. I have brought my work over into digital and in digital I have over worked the processor in my system many time and lost images due to the system just crashing. I am amazed at the fact you have to plan in any medium. Creating is great of the sole. There are always second chances.  Great artists help others to realize a piece of art. I guess that is what makes me shine. I love to help others create.

Graphic Design and Small Business?

Small business is a bit challenging. I would love to believe that the American Dream is still the ideal. I am a dreamer and have never liked to compete to annihilate. I do like to compete in a fair and balanced market. But, the idea that we compete for a client in such a way that we undercut the


Carting Entertainment logo redesign for a client in Webster, Texas.

next guy to get the job. Is this what is sustainable?  Every person is unique and every talent valuable so at what point or purpose to we compete to get a job that once we have earned it we cannot earn enough money to keep our bills paid? We give samples of our product away to get the attention of the client? O.K. All well and good but do we reduce the value of the product?


ILDE is the Institute for Law Department Excellence

I designed the ILDE web site to host on this membership management software,  MemberClicks, in July of 2014. While researching various membership management providers I determined MemberClicks the best match to meet this group’s various needs. I produced thisILDE-Website site ahead of deadline even after working through the complicated nature of its transitional HTML and had it ready to roll with all the member profiles correct and all the new features added. All of the kinks were worked out and Brandon Burkman at Bridgeway paid me the most awesome compliment when it went live in September, “She did it all perfectly!”  I created all the graphics down to the logo and all marketing materials for this law professionals group in 2013 and 2014.