Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Is this current time a place I can be positive? I have tried to be hopeful. Positive is my usual self but after the election and family relationships I have to say there is very little positive. I have seen such division and horrible accusations. I have seen that bad behavior in the cities goes praised by the media when the media should not allow violence to be fostered. Officers are disrespected, spat on, beaten, and shot. I mean I do not want to be negative but the behavior out there is awful. Can our communities come together?

I am hopeful in the tomorrows ahead. I pray for the society I live in.

I see our society as having a communication break. The anger and hatred that has been built up in people’s minds is toxic and sad. I cannot have this hatred. I reject the hate, lies, bias, manipulations, and closed minds that people use to build barriers.

My son recently was upset at me because I continue to talk to a few family members that have been so hurtful and venomous. He was upset that I continue check on them, care for them, and pray for them. I have never really believed my family was perfect. I love them. I see all the flaws and embrace the person. The person who is angry at everyone else but themselves has some of the deepest flaws. I do not feel I am flawless. I just will not turn to hurt them. That is the difference. I turn to embrace them and to help heal the pain. At times change in another person seems like an impossibility but I am hopeful. Always hopeful.

Blessings to you my creative friends.