The Fifth Discipline

I have been reading a few great business books. The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge has been on my shelf since 1996 and I just bought another this past month. Since I have two I should finally read the author’s advice. I am and I am now applying these concepts.

I have a lot to learn as a business person. My graphic design work is great as long as I require someone to pay me for my time.

So there is a sad thing about the client web page for an energy company I created in 2014. The client never paid me what it was worth and recently took it down and reorganized the company.

My faithfulness is not repaid with simple respect. It was a good site and the reorganized site is very bland and brief. The person is using their child’s image and not stating that this is junior and still using the same address phone and image of the building they last moved to. Unprofessional.

I am not going to do charity work any longer. The client doesn’t respect you when you give charity. They see it as weakness and take advantage of your kindness. And let us finally mention the fact they couldn’t pay you for your time. Twenty dollars here and there for web edits and a couple hundred for a customized mobile site. Too many times people have taken advantage. I am now applying propper business concepts to the next projects I accept. And these clients will have a bid and pay a professional fee.

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