Creative Ideas over tech

Hedge Dogs

College student created a food truck idea for a business class final

Started life having  fun with art. Loved when an aunt showed me how to stay in the lines with my crayola crayons. My sister would not allow me to color in her coloring book with her. I was a scribbler! My Aunt Elaine was such a blessing. She took my coloring book and found the lines I had blurred with my three year old scribbles. She beautifully colored the picture in my coloring book and made me believe in this little act of kindness that I had a second chance. Elaine was an artist. I didn’t know that at the time: I knew she cared and was kind. She would stop and notice any drawing or little sewing project I had accomplished. She often visited the family and would bring creative things for my sister and I to have fun with.

Are you creative? I just took a class that asserted that everyone is capable of creativity. I liked that idea. In school at the Art Institute and in high school, I witnessed that many artists didn’t give enough time to the art they created. Others had taken too much and their work was stressed. An art instructor in high school pointed my obsessiveness out during my senior project. He took my brush from my hand as I began to overwork a good painting. He

I love water color. I love to illustrate. I have brought my work over into digital and in digital I have over worked the processor in my system many time and lost images due to the system just crashing. I am amazed at the fact you have to plan in any medium. Creating is great of the sole. There are always second chances.  Great artists help others to realize a piece of art. I guess that is what makes me shine. I love to help others create.

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