A litte project

These graphics were created several months ago for a client that handles corporate legal data management. Very conservative client working within a very conservative area. I really enjoyed working on this.

Reese Banner Ad

I am representing the law process and confidentiality with these photo.The client has been using a creative and calming color collection of silver, tangerine, bright green and blue. I really like these colors and feel that they are very eco friendly. I have not used orange in a professional before I started with this client. I have to say that I actually am pulling away from using the apple red for that pop of color in a graphic.

Old Mac it is time to say goodbye

It has been a long time baby. I knew that parting would be such sweet sorrow. My how the years have flown. I have stored my Power PC Mac for about seven years now. It is far to slow to work on anything. It is a bit ridiculous to hold on to it. I purchased it from the University of Houston computer store on campus and along with it bought a great lazer printer and the designer must haves like PhotoShop, Aldus Freehand, Adobe Pagemaker, Fractle Painter, A Wacom Pad… Got a Zip Drive too. All of that is now so out of date. I have so many clients’ work on those terrible Zip cartridges that are now too corrupt to place into anyone’s system.

Here is an old piece of work I did for Lynn Karnes’ comedy club Spellbinder’s. One of my first jobs I did on this computer. Looking forward to my new Mac. The funny thing is a mid range Mac is less than I paid for my old Mac. Wow! Where were the Mac Power PCs made? The big question is to use the cloud or not. So many artists in LinkedIn are using it. I have a really sad case with all the graphics I cannot access from this I Omega Zip Drive. I mean it is really depressing that this information is lost to me. But the cloud feels a bit like Big Brother. I am not worried about what people could glean out of my files. How could you keep your information from being used by people who didn’t pay for it. Had a client that took the mockups I made and created a brochure with the logo on it having never paid me or finalized the contract with me. A friend of mine saw it and showed me the brochure. I walked into the office and asked the client. Apologies were made and I was paid but what if I hadn’t had my friend there for me. Have had too many clients fail to pay me after the work was complete and they were satisfied.

Launched Total Design Four

Total Design Four Corpus Christi, Texas

What a great day. I gave my friend a late birthday gift today. I uploaded the website. Total Design 4 has been trying to get online since 2007. I took the project this past April and have had it on the back burner in simmer due to my heavy work load.

So now it is up and I expect some changes but that goes with the job of artist.  Getting back into graphics full time. Yes. It is a rush to feel like my old self again. Creatives are a different breed. Do not expect to use the old carrot and stick to drive them. Or should I say money. It is all about doing the creative work. I just have to still balance my volunteer work with West Memorial Junior High and my job as a part-time teacher.

Web site

Just working on a website for an architect. Architecture was a dream career for me as a teen. Someone talked me out of it.

They went on about it taking over seven years to get into a career. Why do we listen to fools who do not know our passion. I have been striving in my career for about thirty years, seven is nothing. I love art and those who feel the passion.  This architect I am creating this site for is also does photography as his hobby, a real shutterbug. Keep up with the project and I will post one of his wonderful landscapes.