Up and onward

As a graphic designer life is always a critique. No one handles critique very well but you develop an understanding as an artist. I think that understanding is something I have to say is a true indicator of being an artist.

Logo for a biblical business management group 1999.

You know that the opinions of others are what give you much needed feed back and yet it can hinder the creative process if you try too hard to please others. After all an artist creates and out of that spirit can come something new and bright.

Volunteer Work: Just Do It!

Have created a lot of work for people over the years. Tend to forget about them because I do not look at them again. Here is a jaguar that I drew in Illustrator. Just wanted a look that was serene and serious not growling or cute. Over the past twelve years I have loved giving to my community and my school. My PTA President and T-Shirt Committee chose to use a differnt T-Shirt design but this is the one I liked the best.

I stepped out of full time graphic design and had a blast volunteering with West Memorial Junior High, West Memorial Elementary, Second Baptist Church and for the West Memorial Civic Association. I have done graphics for the community, students, parents, teachers, and principals. One of my most adventurous projects was to paint on the header to the bus ramp “Jaguar Country.” I was painting during very windy conditions and cold temps a few years ago at Thanksgiving. Love volunteerism as much as I love illustration and design. Go Jaguars!

BP project

Worked with Shauna Vaughn to create a diversity and inclusion graphic for BP. Really a wonderful company to work for. I Enjoy their web presence and energy conservation apps on their site.

Diversity and inclusion graphic for BP.

Really like working on a diamond graphic for this. Amazing how many times you could edit just a few lines.