Trade Show

Getting Legal Done, GLD needed a few graphics for a trade show last year. I really enjoyed this project. I used an old typewriter font in the background to give nostalgic link to the manual method of handling data to contrast the current rapid transmission of data. I am using the company colors in these graphics, orange yellow green and blue.


Illustration to relieve my frustration

Have been getting back to the art board. Like so many mothers I have poured myself out in the task of mothering. My boys are now able to feed themselves even if it is comprised of basically sugar and refined flour.Bull They are also able to care for themselves even if it is digitally dominated, remembering to shower once the last ounce of energy has left their fingertips. Hygiene is more like standing in the rain than showering while brushing and flossing are deemed as sleep walking activity. All communications are shut down until it is time to refuel in the AM. So here I am with teens trying to find my artistic side again. I feel like a bull in a china shop.

(Created this bull for Rodeo VBS for SBC pastor. It didn’t get pitched to the group so I used it for a mural idea in 2009.)